For the creators

The creator creates ,curates their art
Ink spilled on paper, a symphony of word
Melodies tearing through the silence
Brush strokes, graphite etches, a vision scratched into existence
The human form, transformed , held in movements’ grip
The creator creates, they curate their art.
Sometimes violent
sometimes stark sometimes cold.
An emancipation of raw emotion.
The creator creates, they curate their art.
For recognition?

The creator creates, they create their art.

For release.


Restructuring . Refocusing . Starting afresh .

When I started She Writes What She Likes five months ago, I had intended for this to be a political philosophy ‘think piece-centric’ kind of blog. The odds seemed stacked in my favour: My liberal arts degree fosters and promotes a political philosophy rhetoric, I love writing and always have countless unfinished think pieces, thoughts and hypothetical future thesis topics all over my laptop and phone and, based on my web search history, political philosophy seemed like niche. Now all this is true (to some extent) but real life is hardly ever so cookie-cutter perfect. As time went on, it seemed harder and harder to squeeze in even one good, relevant, up-to-standard think piece to put on this blog, hence the heinous standstill and lack of activity.

Any writer worth their salt will tell you, writing is meant to evoke many feelings within both writer and reader. No matter the type, the field or the audience it’s meant for, writing is meant to be, at its core: fun, exciting, a creative mission, a soul searching sessions, a multi-dimensional experience. Of course writing can have its harder moments, in can be challenging, it can even get tedious, but at no point should a writer feel forced, at no point should the process not be a natural one, at no point should it be a chore. A writer who has put no heart in their piece is doing a disservice to both themselves and their reader.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what cranking out pieces for this blog began to feel like. Forced. The result: a mountain of unfinished think pieces and an empty blog. Not a good place to be at all. Strangely though, I have no intention to close shop just yet, I’d like to give this blog a second try. This time, without grandiose promises about magnificent think pieces or political philosophy at every corner. All I promise is good, well-written work. Consistently. Work that is from the heart. authentic writing. Even if nobody ever reads this blog, I plan to make it a clean, safe space. An eclectic array of art, mental wellness, happiness, beautiful pictures of anything and everything, current affairs, and of course, that beloved political philosophy. Instead of being in a mad rush to ‘find my niche’, I’d rather find myself first. Create an authentic and peaceful space. Here is She Writes What She Likes .Again .

daises 2
Daises have always represented a sense of renewal and freshness as well as a sense of calm for me . They seemed fitting for this piece.